HPS Screw pump

HPS Screw pump
Item Description
1 Three-phase AC motor
2 Pumping sleeve, stationary
3 Pumping screw, rotating
4 Magnet pump rotor
5 Solenoid actuator
6 Sliding bearing
7 Housing cover plate
8 Housing flange
9 Shaft

HPS Screw pump


Screw pumps of the HPS range are canned pumps. Their ideal area of application is closed high-pressure circuits within hydraulic process engineering systems. Here the HPS represents a genuine, low-price alternative to the centrifugal pump without stuffing box. HPS pumps are not self-priming, so the pump circuit must be well vented.
HPS4100: screw pump for a max. permissible operating pressure of 100 bar
HPS4200: screw pump for a max. permissible operating pressure of 200 bar


  • Canned pump: hermetically sealed and requires by and large no maintenance
  • For operating pressures of up to max. 100 resp. 200 bar
  • Carbon graphite axial and radial bearings: with the pump in operation they are extensively relieved by hydrodynamic centering of the pumping screw and pumping sleeve
  • Small overall size


For media with higher viscosities than water it may be necessary to use an electric soft-start device.

For screw pumps with a rotational speed of 3,000 min-1 always an electric soft-start device is necessary.

Product variants

Designation HPS4100/M001-00 HPS4200/M001-00
Max. allowable viscosity (mm²/s)* <100 <100
Max. working pressure 100 bar
(1,450 PSI)
200 bar
(2,901 PSI)
Max. working temperature 100 °C
(212 °F)
100 °C
(212 °F)
Speed (min-1) 1,500 1,500
Ingress protection IP 54 IP 55
Type of explosion protection Ex e Ex de
Supply voltage 400 V / 50 Hz 400 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption (W) 550 1,100

Screw pumps with a rotational speed of 3,000 min-1 and other versions on request.
* Considering the respective working point